Ramirez Family | Portland Family Photography

When I discuss photo session priorities with my clients, I invariably hear "just a few shots of the kids". I get it, I have kids too. They are cute, look great in everything and are downright adorable. Of course we want photos of the kids. But, Mom & Dad, we need you in there too.

So much of our adult lives are undocumented and unseen. I have one photo of my mom when she was my age and I wish I had more. Before I started my business, I had one photo of myself with each child. And those were from when they were born! 

Just like you want to look back at photos of your kids when they were little, your kids are going to want to look back and see you in the photo too. So, get in there! I promise it will be great.

Check out my latest fall family shoot with the Ramirez family. The images just wouldn't be the same without Mom in there, right?